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Send Neil Sedaka to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

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Names are in alphabetical order :

Barry Craddock, KINGSTON UPON THAMES, United Kingdom

James Turner, Augusta, U.S.A.

Jan Prickett , Round Rock , U.S.A.

John Lister, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom

Lew Wilson, LaConner WA, U.S.A.

Maria Rico, Lansing Mi, U.S.A.

Pamela Schirtzinger, Kingsland, U.S.A.

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This petition and the scripts are created and written by Jef Van Gorp, Belgium, Arendonk, Belgium - (c) 2023
Thanks to Neil Sedaka Fans for their help, and all who included the petition link on YouTube
Also visit the Official Neil Sedaka website and NEIL SEDAKA on FACEBOOK